Our studio is founded on the principles of our responsibility to nature, society, and a skilfully considered, composed approach to our craft. We believe that as designers, we have a responsibility to positively shape places, through high-quality, distinctive, and empathic design.

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The studio

Our studio is young and energetic, and despite this, we’ve gained a vast range of experience across a short space of time. Collectively we have almost 20 years of professional experience working in practice at some of the finest landscape architecture studios in the UK, where we’ve spent our time honing our craft. We’re committed to helping to make the world a better place through design.

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Our approach

We design things simply, beautifully, and with multifunctionality and long-term care in mind. We blend artisanal craft and technology. We have a love of patina and texture and creating places that are simple yet nuanced, beautiful, and that engage the senses. Places that celebrate nature. We like to be playful with forms, textures, colours, and scents to enliven the senses and create enjoyable, inclusive environments and experiences.

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Craft to hi-tech

Our design process combines low-tech craft with hi-tech technical production, from hand-drawn sketches to the latest intelligent 3D modelling software. We believe that ideas are best initially generated and refined by hand, before being tested, developed, and realised in 3D. Our workflows enable us to work with collaborators in a holistic and fully integrated manner.

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Inquisitive mindset

Research, development, and academic rigour are key elements of our practice. We strive not to settle, but to go beyond currently accepted design standards, through ongoing study, testing, and technical development. We love to learn and our ongoing professional education forms a key part of our day-to-day practice.

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We believe that the success of our projects can be measured by our ability to effectively communicate our client's vision and requirements, onto the ground. A collaborative and open approach to dialogue, communication and engagement are an essential part of this and can make the design process more effective and enjoyable for all involved.

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Responsible designers

Our contribution to nature, the environment and society is just the start of the journey and is the baseline for all our projects. It’s important to us to stay true to our values and design philosophy. We care passionately about how good design can effect positive change in the lives of people and nature.

Who we are

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Martin Knight

Co-founding Director, BA (Hons) MA CMLI

Martin is a chartered landscape architect, urbanist, and co-founding Director of Studio Knight Stokoe. He is passionate about working collaboratively to create inspirational, sophisticated, and beautiful places that delight, and consider the needs of people, nature, and the environment. His work is grounded in developing innovative responses to the unique and special nature of each project.

Martin formed the studio with Claire in 2022, following work throughout the UK and the Middle East. Over his career, he has developed a diverse portfolio across a variety of project scales and sectors, including higher education, residential, strategic small- and large-scale master planning, parks, public realm, roof gardens, and creative ecological urban design.

Martin is a mentor on the Landscape Institute’s Pathway to Chartership, an Expert Associate for the Design Council since 2021, and a Panel Member for Design West since 2023.

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Claire Stokoe

Co-founding Director, BA (Hons) MA CMLI

Claire is a chartered landscape architect, urbanist, and co-founding director of Studio Knight Stokoe. She is creative, visually driven, and full of ideas; a stickler for detail and communicating the right aesthetic. Always pushing the boundaries, thinking big and bold, but fundamentally a pragmatic problem-solver. Claire works collaboratively and empathically to better understand the needs of the project and people.

Before Claire became a landscape architect, she studied the History of Art and worked in a gallery for an art collector in the Middle East. The way she approaches landscape design has been shaped by her love of art and design and her understanding of design history and theory. Claire takes a rigorous, research-based approach to develop individual concepts and design language unique to each project.

Following previous work in the UK and the Middle East, she has experience on a diverse range of projects from private gardens to 5-star hotels, parks, residential schemes of varying types and scales, to roof gardens, retail, and mixed-use urban centres.